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    Tanya didn t doubt Lucas had plenty of experience in picking out women s clothes.

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    Linda noticed Tanya s worried expression, Don t be skeptical Tanya.

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  • Tanya saw a blush creep into Elsa s cheeks as she looked away.
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    That is why we are in our waning stages, Charlotte said to Kenley.
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    These women couldn t expect her to cook food with this antique contraption. She curled her hands about the bedpost and grunted breathlessly as they jerked the ties to excruciating tautness, cinching her already slim margin of waistline to an even slighter circumference.

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  • Ted released her suddenly, What the hell are you talking about? With a thundering yell muffled by the sounds of the party continuing outside the door, Lucas effortlessly tossed Ian across the room, freeing him.

    Strona Główna

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    Rihanna – jej pełne imię i nazwisko to Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Urodziła się 20 lutego 1988 roku na - na jednej z wysp Małych Antyli – Barbadosie. Obecnie jest jedną z najpopularniejszych amerykańskich wokalistek pop i R&B. Jej największe hity to Pon De Replay, Unfaithful, SOS, Umbrella oraz Break It Off.